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BLAST London 2025 details revealed

During the first day of the BLAST Premier Spring Finals playoffs, the tournament organiser BLAST announced their plans for 2025 which included an event held in London and the Austin Major. BLAST also announced an innovative calendar featuring new formats for events.

BLAST Open will be held in the Wembley Arena, London from the 26th of August to the 7th of September and is one of six BLAST Premier events in 2025. According to the website, BLAST Open events will be “big arena events with an epic large scale providing a truly global route for teams from all CS regions and opportunity to shine against the world’s best teams.”

The two other types of tournaments that BLAST have introduced are Bounty and Rivals. Bounty will feature a gameshow like structure where 32 teams will play against one another to raise the bounty on their heads which in-turn will lead to them getting a higher percentage of the prize pool. Each team starts with a bounty that will be decided by seeding and upon winning a match they will claim 50% of the other team’s bounty at the end of the event. 30 of the teams will be selected according to Valve’s rankings as well as two wildcard teams.

BLAST Rivals on the other hand will see the best teams in the Counter-Strike season, according to the Valve Global Ranking, battling it out in an event similar to the current BLAST Premier format.

The event held in London will be an Open event aimed to give underdogs a chance to shine in the BLAST circuit. Four “underdog” teams, decided by regional qualifiers, will play against 12 teams decided by the Valve rankings. The opening week of the BLAST London Open event will take place in the BLAST Studios in Copenhagen whilst the top six teams will jet off to the Wembley Arena to play out the rest of the event.

Further details of the event, including the date for the release of tickets, has yet to be announced.

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