EPIC.LAN 41 day 1 disrupted by 4:30 am fire alarm

The first day of EPIC.LAN is always a grueling one. Having to play seven BO1s and then a possible BO3 at 9 pm to end the day (unless you make the upper bracket) can be tough.

However, for K10, TLR some of the Neighbours, the RKB team, Database Checkers, and the Coalesce staff members day one has been a lot longer. At 4:30 am, a fire alarm forced everyone to wake up and ruined everyone’s sleep, forcing most people to get around three to four hours of sleep max.

The Neighbours didn’t have their full team at the hotel, but disaster had previously struck as Adam “Adma9130” Ahmad and William “dobbo” Dobson broke down on the motorway last night.

Hello guys me and dobbo are stuck on the motorway without tires 20mins from epiclan. would be lovely if someone from lan could pick up our stuff up (HELPPP MEE)

— adam9130 (@Adam9130) February 22, 2024

Thus, we have the #1, #2, and #4 seeded teams potentially not in their best form whereby opening up space for others to take advantage.

Moreover, the Premier Inn was not the only place that received some troubling sleep as WotsHeDunThatFor who were staying in the Royal Kettering Hotel were rudely woken up early this morning by a woman knocking on everyone’s door looking for her daughter.

Just set a small fire in k10’s hotel for a tactical advantage, gn pic.twitter.com/SCfNbCAJ8P

— bevve (@bevvexyz) February 23, 2024

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