Into the Breach bomb out of the RMRs; the -Juve +Juve cycle continues

Last April Into the Breach made history by qualifying for the Blast.TV Paris major, the first time to qualify for a major with a UK core – but the magic did not stop there. Once in Paris ITB qualified for the Champions stage beating FaZe, ENCE and Fnatic in their final game. Once they entered the arena they put up a valiant match versus Vitality, the future winners, in front of a French crowd.

Thomas being interviewd by James Banks before their game versus Vitality

From open qualifiers to top eight at a major is something players dream about. In Paris, the ITB boys made it a reality.

Because the Knights made it to the Legends stage, they would be granted a slot in the next major RMRs. Thus, setting them up once again for a Cinderella run.

However, ever since then, ITB have struggled to match what they showed in Paris. Constant roster changes and a clear lack of identity put a lot of question marks over their head going into the PGL RMRs.

Heading to Romania as #57 in the world their opening game was versus G2 where they recorded three rounds. Their luck did not change going into their 0-1 game versus BetBoom whereby they only won one round, the second pistol. On their first day, they won four rounds in two maps.

Looking for a miracle, it looked like their fortune had changed versus 3DMAX as they vanquished the French 13-3 on map one. But that is where the story ends of the Knights. Struggles across the next two maps spelt the end for them in the first CS2 Major.

Bringing leader Thomas “Thomas” Utting back so they could play the RMR ended in despair. It was always going to be difficult with Thomas only rejoining the roster at the beginning of the year, but a 0-3 exit was a fry cry from last year’s heroics.

Their misfortunes do not end there. Coach Gustavo “Juve” Alexandre has already said on social media that he will be “available to get offers”. Juve was a key part of the team’s run at the previous Major and will be a huge loss for the team. The future of the British organisation is unclear, with further changes possible as they look to challenge in Counter-Strike once more.

Would like to share that even tho still contracted with @ITBesports that I’m available to get offers.
I’m looking forward to keep my role as coach but analyst role is also something I would consider.

For contact: [email protected]

— Juve (@Juve_csgo) February 17, 2024

As of now, ITB looks as such:

Joey “CRUC1AL” Steusel
Karol “rallen” Rodowicz
Thomas “Thomas” Utting
Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras
Kévin “misutaaa” Rabier

Gustavo “Juve” Alexandre (coach) looking for offers

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