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K10 go international and complete their roster

After an unexpected retirement from Ryan “dox” Young, the IGL and captain of K10, the roster plugs the hole with Norwegian rifler Steffen SLY” Amundsen.

Whats better than 1 Norwegian CS player… TWO Norwegian CS players

Please welcome @SlyCSGOD to our CS2 Roster #GOK10

— K10 (@K10_GG) February 7, 2024

SLY brings a whole host of experience to this roster, playing on Norwegian rosters such as 777 and Apeks Rebels, where he played with K10 AWPer Tobias “shyyne” Sæther. SLY isn’t the first ex-teammate of shyyne’s to enter this core. While this roster was playing under the banner K10 they enlisted the help of Preben “Trax” Martinsen for the ESL Premiership LAN finals and season 46 of ESEA Advanced. Unfortunately, his time on the roster was not too successful and he left the team at the end of the season.

The 21-year-old recently made the jump to international Counter-Strike in the last year playing for Pompa, formally known as “Let us cook”. On the roster, SLY played with formidable IGLs such as Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski and emi. The hope is that he can bring the experience he learnt playing with these experienced IGLs to the UK organisation. The Norwegian also has made trips over the Atlantic to America to play in Fragadelphia 16, where Apeks’ academy team placed second to Strife.

Furthermore, even though SLY is replacing dox, he will not be taking the IGL mantle. Instead, Jacob “Rezst” Hemming will be taking leadership of the roster. This is not the first time that the Dutchman has led a team, previously calling for Genk, winning local LANs and ESL Proximus Benelux Season 14.

Even though SLY brings in a magnitude of experience, he has big shoes to fill. dox was a part of the core foundation of this team and was a renowned leader throughout the UK scene. Under his captaincy, they won EPIC.LAN 38 under the Coalesce banner, and most recently the UKIC Season 0 Division 1 Finals. He, along with shyyne and Oliver “leaf” Jackson, were the core of the successful 1PIN roster, even dating back to the Vexed Gaming roster that were runners-up in ESL Premiership in 2020.

K10 are the second UK team in recent history to move away from a UK core. Similar to Viperio, both teams were forced to look internationally as there simply were no other options. UKCSGO can confirm that UK and Icelandic players were trialled alongside SLY, but sadly none performed to the level that the team wanted.

UKCSGO reached out to the Managing Director of K10, Ethan “fl0wZ” Rogerson about losing dox, the team’s addition of SLY  and the organisational support to UKCS.

Losing dox to retirement was a tough blow, however, the level at which the team has been operating at has allowed us to dip our toes into the European talent pool for his replacement. Steffen brings a wealth of experience to the squad from his time under Apeks Rebels, 777 and beyond as well as slotting into the roles perfectly. His integration into the lineup alongside our new coach will be key to levelling up the squad as we continue to play more European events.


We remain committed to our roots in the UK scene via the FWRD project, whom we will utilise for UK events alongside Kisynergy. Our goals remain the same as they were in December: Be the best team in the UK & make waves internationally.

Dox playing at ESL Premiership LAN for Ex-Coalesce

Also similar to Viperio, fl0wZ mentions the team will continue playing in UK events with a stand-in, utilising their academy team and former Souls Land player Xuchen “kisynergy” Duan. Interestingly enough the addition of a coach has been mentioned, but there is no further information on that matter just yet.

K10 are now:

Tobias “shyyne” Saether
Jamie “Tree” Callan
Jacob “Rezst” Hemming
Zy “yz0” Esponilla
Steffen SLY” Amundsen

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